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A New Era in Remote Device Management for Your Raspberry Pi's

Flexible and intelligent remote device management application

It's called remote.it (remote-it) and delivers a host of features that will make it easier to connect, manage and update your Raspberry Pi. The remote.it web UI makes it easier than ever. Start connecting and managing your devices today.

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Powerful Features to
manage your remote Raspberry Pi

No open ports. No port forwarding.

Bulk Manage

Fleet manage networked devices, VMs, or containers by applying firmware or OS updates, security patches, file transfers, and executing scripts across an entire fleet.

Remote Connections

Easily connect to networked devices using HTTP(S), VNC, SSH or any TCP port.


Secure Connections

remote.it uses a secure cloud architecture to ensure you can get to your networked devices, and the bad guys can't.

Device Support

A growing list of devices are supported including Raspberry Pi, Cellular Routers, Virtual Machines, along with ARM, MIPs and x86 based embedded systems.

Easy Remote Connections to Raspberry Pi

Add the power of remote connections to your Raspberry Pi in as little as 15 minutes


The SSH option configures remote.it to connect to port 22 with your favorite SSH client. Once you’ve set up SSH, simply login to remote.it and we’ll give you an IP address:port combination that you can copy and paste to your SSH client to connect. Don’t worry, that IP:port combination provides a secure, encrypted connection valid for a single session.

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Web (http) on port 80

If you have developed an application for your Raspberry Pi that uses a web browser for the user interface, then this option is ideal for you. It is also the option if you use an application like OpenSprinkler that uses a web-interface for the controls. This option is pre-configured for port 80, but don’t worry, all remote.it connections are secure even if not using SSL.

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Use VNC with your Pi to allow a secure network connection to the Pi's graphical desktop using tightnvcserver. Windows users can utilize Remote Desktop (RDP) to easily connect.

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remote.it API For Your Apps

Utilize the powerful remote.it API to create and deploy your own applications that use the remote.it infrastructure to securely manage your connections.

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