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A new era in remote device managment

We have been hard at work creating a more powerful, flexible and intelligent remote device management platform.

It's called remot3.it (remote-it) and delivers a host of new features that will make it easier to connect, manage and update remote devices. The new remot3.it web UI makes it easier then ever. And it's all built on top of the Weaved features and services you've come to trust.

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Weaved has evolved to become remot3.it which is a powerful feature rich front end that helps IT professionals, field service organizations and tech support groups manage their ever growing numbers of devices in remote locations. And even if you only have one Raspberry Pi, you will find convenient new features in remot3.it that help you connect and become productive much faster.

Your Weaved account credentials will automatically work with remot3.it, and you can sign-in right now. New user accounts will be created using remot3.it. You may temporarily continue to sign into Weaved to manage your Weaved services by visiting developer.weaved.com

Weaved API's are built into remot3.it and will continue to be available. Updated remot3.it API's will eventually replace the Weaved API's in the future.

You can use remot3.it with all the features you purchased at Weaved.com like longer connection times, and additional services, until your paid anniversary date. And as always, you may cancel your Weaved subscription plan at any time by visiting your account at the Weaved Developer website.

Any user that has an existing Weaved account with active services will not automatically see their devices or services in remot3.it. You must reinstall a new Weaved daemon for your hardware device to appear in remot3.it. See this tech note for more information.

For more information visit www.remot3.it

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